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At SolaraPure we are dedicated to bringing you the finest quality products and latest technology for a healthier lifestyle.

Home of the Original EZ-Solar Water Bottle.

Why SolaraPure?

Everyone at SolaraPure has worked long and hard in order to bring you the finest products for your health and wellness. We are dedicated to the purity of body and mind and would never present or offer for sale a product that we do not use ourselves. We use all of the products that are available on this site and have truly benefited from all they have to offer. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Let’s Take a Closer Look!

Cobalt Blue Glass Solar Water Bottles

Blue is the coolest and purest color of the light spectrum. The color blue is peaceful, soothing and relaxing and usually helps to bring peace and calm to a mind that is overactive, anxious, or in a constant state of worry. Stunning cobalt blue glass (not painted). Use our blue solar water bottles in conjunction with the Ancient Hawaiin practice of Hoʻoponopono? (IPA ho.o.po.no.po.no). Simply place your cobalt blue glass bottle in the sun for 20 – 60 minutes or just place it in front of your window anytime it is not in use. What is Hoʻoponopono? “See More…”

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