Why Blue Solar Water

Why water?

Water is one of the most important substances on earth and is the substance of life for all living organisms. There would be no life without water and it is essential for a healthy mind and healthy body. Water is an important part of all body functions and there are several reasons to drink plenty of it. Water helps with digestion and elimination, it will help the body to flush out toxins and maintain regularity, boost the immune system, promote weight loss, improve mood and more.

Why blue solar water?

Blue is the coolest and purest color of the light spectrum and the sunlight penetrates the blue glass infusing your water with all of the physical and mental benefits that the color blue has to offer. The color blue is peaceful, soothing and relaxing and usually helps to bring peace and calm to a mind that is overactive, anxious, or in a constant state of worry. The color blue is known to decrease blood pressure and heart rate, relieve stress and bring about calm and tranquility.

Healing with true cobalt blue color.

The most common name for the Throat Chakra is “Vishudda”, which means “pure”, “purity” or “purification”. It is the 5th chakra located at the center of the throat and neck and is responsible for the passage of energy between the head and lower body parts. The throat chakra is also associated with the color blue and has a peaceful, calming effect on the mind and body and can be used to help ease mental and physical stresses and aid in restoring balance to the overactive mind and body.

What can “Blue” do for you?

The color blue is soothing and relaxing and helps to bring about calm and peace to a mind that is overactive, anxious, or in a constant state of worry. According to Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len (Hawaiian Ho’oponopono master), in the book “Zero Limits”, Dr. Len states that “Drinking Blue Solar Water transmutes memories and replaying problems in the subconscious mind and helps the body to “Let Go and Let God”.

Besides being extremely healthy, blue water helps to clean deep subconscious negative thoughts and emotions which we unknowingly repeat over and over again. Blue solar water helps to heal emotional wounds and blockages carrying them to the surface where they can be released in a way that helps us to return to a state of zero. Living in the now without the negative thoughts or constant noise from an overactive mind. Blue water brings about positivity, peace, and love.

Benefits and Uses of Blue Solar Water:

  • Blue Solar Water is a symbol of purity and life.  It brings joy.
  • Blue Solar Water can be used to help remove recurring problematic “memories” or programming that runs in your subconscious, freeing you from their effects. It may even help remove blocks that you’re not aware of since it works at a subconscious level.
  • In the book Zero Limits by Joe Vitale, Dr. Hew Len says that the body loves lots of water.
  • Fill your blue bottles with water and set them in the sun.
  • Rinse off with it after showering…
  • Wash Fruits and vegetables in it…
  • Use it for anything you use water for such as cooking.
  • Make Coffee with it!
  • Make hot tea with it!
  • Water house plants with it: makes plants grow much better!
  • Chemo: it’s important to drink a lot of water when taking chemotherapy, in addition to the benefits of blue water, having several bottles of water to work through helps to make sure you drink enough.
  • Children love to have “blue water”, especially at bed time.